Cinematography Reel
Clips from my DP and camera operator projects.
Motion Graphics Reel
Clips from my animation and motion design projects.
6:16 - Short Film
Two lovers and heroin users/dealers must decide whether or not to call emergency services after their friend overdoses in their apartment - the moral decision could land both of them in jail.
Dogwood Winter - Music Video
Philadelphia-based band Faceplant performs "Dogwood Winter" off of their third full-length album.
Poser - Short Film
A first date between strangers who met online takes a disturbing turn as they learn more about each other.
Tyler LLC - Temple University Promo
Peer mentor Hannah shares her experiences in a Living Learning Community at Temple.
Mage Armoire - Ad
With Mage Armoire's Deck of Monsters Volume One, unleash a new world of adventure into your dungeon campaigns.
Red Planet Blues - Short Film
Director / Visual Effects
Alone on Mars, an astronaut and his snarky robotic companion respond to a mysterious signal.
Nominated for "Best Sci-Fi" and "Best Cinematography" at KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival.
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